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C-one™ is LIVE on Kickstarter

C-one™, the always-with-you and easy-to-charge wireless headset, is now a live project on Kickstarter.
Please click on the link (opens in a new page), take a look and pledge your support.

For your convenience – scan the link with the camera of your phone and you’re guided directly to our Kickstarter page of C-one™.

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C-one™ launch on Kickstarter

After a lot of hard work to prepare the information we think is relevant, informative and accurate and also a little bit entertaining, we’ve got the green light to launch from the Kickstarter review team today.

We did a final check, we reviewed the content again, we ensured again that all info is correct as best as we know.

We feel, we’re ready and good to go live.

It is one thing to use ones own resources to work with and create and drive.
It is a very different, humbling feeling to get someone elses money to work with.
We consider this a huge responsibility and we are committed to follow through and live up to the trust of everyone willing to sponsor us.

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C-one™, the new always-with-you and easy-to-charge wireless headset.

  •   German design.
  • Two comfortable earbuds for stereo music enjoyment.
  • Earbuds snap magnetically into place in the Charge & Carry Case and stay there safely.
  • Innovative 2-in-1-charging™*: simply connect your charger to C-one™ while C-one™ stays attached to your device to charge both, C-one™ and your phone at the same time.
  • Travel light – no need to carry yet another charger and cable.
  • C-one™ supports 2-way-charging™**, meaning your device will charge C-one™ and make sure you’ve enough charge on your headset for that important call.
  • Attach C-one™ to your mobile device via the Micro-USB connector and never wonder where you (mis-)placed your headset anymore – you have it with you wherever you bring your phone.

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C-one™ is giving you back

time, the most valuable good in our hectic lifes, for example and
ease of mind with the convenience and ease of use to make your life a little easier.

  • Enjoy listening to your favourite tunes instead of spending time to untangle the wires of your headset.
  • Travel a little lighter as you don’t need to bring yet another charger or cable for your headset – that’s good for you and the environment (we take it one step at a time).
  • Relax and know you have your headset with you instead of getting distracted and heated searching for your earbuds just to find out you’ve left them safe and sound sitting on you desk while you’re out and about.
  • Be confident and place your earbuds back into the case right at your phone easily and avoid the embarrassed moments of taking out your earbuds when meeting someone you’d like to talk with in person and shake hands while not knowing where to quickly put the earbuds … not to mention the time needed to re-discover where you then actually did place them.
  • Easily pick up a phone call by taking the C-one™ earbud out from the charging case. There’s no need to press the power-on button or wait for the pairing procedure. You only do Bluetooth® pairing once with you device and C-one™ will remember it when waking up from the charging mode and re-establish the connection with your device automatically and quickly. It’s like picking up the telephone receiver on a traditional desk phone.
  • Declutter your desk – one less cable as you charge C-one™ together with your phone.
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The story of C-one™

Experience with various gadgets and devices combined with keen observation and careful listening to what people really want was the starting point of the journey leading to C-one™.

The desire to make communication easier, more comfortable, more convenient and enjoy music while being active without adding yet another device and charger and cable to the list of items to carry during commute, travel and leisure resulted in the design of C-one™.

C-one™ prototype.

A well integrated design makes having C-one™ with you feel naturally, is easy to use for communication and provides music to the connoisseur as well as powerful options for the business user.

Stereo vs. single ear, balancing battery power vs. size and weight or the orientation of the earbuds for the most natural way to pick up and carry are just some of the challenges resolved on the way.

We focus the design to be aesthetic, minimalistic yet providing the desired and required functionality.

The weight distribution of the earbuds ensures long time wear won’t cause any discomfort nor will the earbuds fall out during running, jumping and exercise – yes, we actually tested this and used C-one™ while rope-skipping with great pleasure.

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Comfortable fit for most persons is ensured with the shape of the earbuds and the fitting can be further adapted individually with the provided eartips in different sizes.
You may even try with different sizes on each ear to find your perfect individual fit.
After all, you want to enjoy your favourite tunes while exercising for fun and good health and not be distracted by a slipping headsets.

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… why C-one™ is so special


What sets C-one™ apart

is our Charge and Carry Case design with the patent pending 2-in-1-charging™* and 2-way-charging™** functions.
The C-one™ Charge and Carry Case can be attached via the Micro-USB connector to the charging port of your mobile phone or other mobile device.
With this you’ll have C-one™ with you when and where you need it and wherever you bring your mobile device. And it’s not another device to carry around – C-one™ and your device become one.

For 2-in-1-charging™*, simply leave C-one™ attached to your device and plug in your charger cable into the C-one™ charging port. Now both, your device and C-one™ will be charged at the same time – no additional cable or charger required.

2-way-charging™** will refresh C-one™’s power reserve by slowly re-charging the build-in battery in the charging and carrying case with a low power provided by your device.
This requires your mobile device to be USB OTG enabled and, depending on the implementation on your device, may need our 2-way-charging™ adapter plugged into the C-one™ charging port.

C-one™ innovative 2-in-1-charging™ and 2-way-charging™ concept.



* Fast charging your phone is supported even with C-one™ attached. Maximum input to C-one™ must not exceed 9V for both devices to charge simultaneously. Charging with upto 12V can be used to fast charge your phone through C-one™, however, to avoid damage C-one™ will be bypassed and not be charged in this scenario.

** Depending on the USB OTG implementation of your device. Some devices may require the use of our 2-way-charging™ adapter.

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Alternative ways to use C-one™

In addition to the obvious way to attach C-one™ to your mobile phone and use it for your daily communication needs and motivational power tracks playback during your workout, you may plug C-one™ into your tablet or computer and extend your wireless communication to Skype, Skype for Business, Wire or similar applications and at the same time having a safe and easy solution where to place your headset when not in use.
C-one™ doesn’t require additional space on your desk and keeps you organized and in control.

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C-one™ may help to increase your safety when using as a handsfree device in the car and makes a good fit with your car holder, with or without adapter.

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C-one™ user interface

For ease of use and increased durability we simplified the interfacing on the C-one™ earbuds to a single button and a single LED indicator. No accidental triggering of unwanted calls or functions by swiping close to the earbuds shall spoil your fun with C-one™.

Primary Earbud refers to the earbud you used for the Bluetooth® pairing with your device.
You have your individual preference which ear you use for your primary earbud and that is good.
Just like with skateboarding or snowboarding, some people go left foot in front (normal stance) and some prefer goofy-style.
We don’t want you to adapt to your headset, no, we want you to feel comfortable and let the headset adapt to you.
You choose if your primary earbud is for your right ear or your left ear. Everything else follows naturally.