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Jun 2016

Finally some update again.
Our photos are relocated to our new gallery.
An account with password is required to access family and other personal albums - please drop me an email in case you've not yet received the password.
Further, some other clean up and maintenance work is done.

May 2013

Our photos are now accessible via the new gallery.
An account with password is required to access the family section. Please drop me an email in case you've not yet received the password.

March 2009

The family and friends photos are now accessible via Family Photos. A password is required to access this section now. Please drop me an email in case you've not yet received the password.

August 2008

Some restructuring of the photo section - please excuse the temporary broken links.

May 2008

Added some information to the new mobility chapter - hope you might find it useful.
This also contains some brief introduction on the GSM standard.

Apr 2008

Some updates, including hardware, happened since.

Added link for a text-only version to ease access to the various sections without the graphical guidance.
This also enabled first access (aka sneak preview) of the new mobility information service.

Jan 2007

We've a new family member!
Check the images in the photo section under Kaelyn .
Finally the photo section is running via script, making it easier to maintain the structure and content.
Please update your links accordingly.

Nov 2006

Extended the tourist tips with a chapter about Hong Kong.

Sep 2006

Finally the PHOTO section is up and running after a lot of picture sorting, renaming, script updating, ....

Mar-May 2006

A new Hardware needs some fine tuning and adaptations of my system.
I've used this also to upgrade to Fedora Core 5 - some side effects are still visible and need to be fixed.

The Tourist-Tip section is updated to match the new situation at the Shenzhen boarder.

There is already many information for tourists of Hong Kong available on the web. However, I'm considering to add some comments and info as well ...

Nov 2005

Finally some update on the PHOTO section.
There's still not all links working ... means pictures are not yet online.

I'll also need to update the Tourist-Tip section since there is a lot of change ongoing at the Shenzhen boarder.

Sep 2005

Big news: our family is now extended. :)
You can find some pictures of our sunshine in the PHOTO section under Louis.
That also explains my drift of attention, so please be patient with the PHOTO section update.

Aug 2005

Last month, we've moved. And so has our PC. :)
Our phone line moved with us at the same time and it is working fine. Even the broadband was working via the moved phone line. However, after a while my broadband provider figured that we'd moved. And of course the broadband line has now to move as well. For my broadband provider this naturally means that they have to cut the line first and it will not work for at least a few days (even it was actually already working). :(
Well, after 4 working days it is finally ok again.

Sorting of pictures takes same time. Please be patient with the PHOTO section.

May 2005

Finally my PERL script is functional. It does now allow to more or less automatically generate the picture index web page.
You'll see, e.g. our wedding pictures online already. Other pictures are coming soon. It's only a matter of sorting the pictures now. :)

The left side navigation menu is now available also in the SERVICE section and the PHOTO section.

March 2005

Redirect page to lead back to main portal is now active.
Added Genealogy to FEATURE section and also linked it into main page navigation as well.

Added navigation menu on left side into FEATURE section and INFO section.

December 2004

Set the focus to the first entry field in the login form for the webmail access and also for the search function.
I think that makes it even more comfortable to use.

Further changed to html instead of shtml to improve load time.

October 2004

As you might have seen, or maybe better not seen, I was off-line for quite a while. With a now new Hard-disk and a new cooling fan for the HDD, I hope not to experience a Hard-disk crash again in near future.
I can only recommend to backup your data regularly. As I did not, it took a while until I could go online again. :(
[2004-10-23] Finally, I'm online again. It might however take some time until all features are full functional again. Yes, the PHOTOS section is one of these features.
I might have lost some email in between as well as the mail system was effected as well. In case you tried to reach me please send the email again. :)

September 2004

Updated the Tourist-Tip section.

August 2004

The Tourist-Tip section is now online. Enjoy!
I further updated the main-synapse to better match the content.

The webmail section appears now in a new design. With the changed color theme it should be easier to read and use. Any feedback and comments are welcome.
Further, there will soon be an update on the SERVICE section. Just to make you curious. :)

It was raining again ... and thus I had to reset my modem again. At least I now know the dependency on weather conditions and being online.
Updated the favicon file. Now it should appear on both, Netscape and IE. :)

Refined the synapse for the PHOTO section. Now the branch opens according the area you move the mouse over.
Will change the albums as well as I'm not happy with the functionality and quality of the gallery. I can not upload all pictures I'd like to and recognized that I got vulnerable to attacks with this tool. :(

July 2004

Cosmetic changes on the menu done, so the background color is now not changing on mouseOver.
Further, changed to HTML instead of SHTML as mostly no dynamic content included. This will further reduce the processing time per page.
The link for the "about" section is now also available.

[2004-07-24] Finally the pictures are linked on the main page.

Changed the former NEWS synapse to INFO to better reflect the content.
Also added a contact option to make it easier to write email to me. :)
Once cleaned up my harddisk, I'll also enable the links to the pictures. Hope everybody is already curious. ;)

Got many feedback and inspiration for additional content and improvement.
The navigation synapse image is improved with the now blurred lines.

Rework of the navigation synapse done. Still problems with the colors ... even using similar color code in GIMP and HTML, still different results in display.
Photo album already partly online but not yet linked into side navigation. Fine tuning and photos need to be uploaded first.

[2004-07-03] It finally happened! After long looooong hard thinking my new designed webpage finally works in both, Netscape and IE.
Will do some fine tuning and then bring it to the main entrance.
Of course, the big thing is still to come, the content.

June 2004

It's taking shape! Got finally my external USB Hard disk running, means mounted and accessible. USB memory thumb drives also called flash memory is also not a secret any more. :)
It is working now as well! You might want to check the FEATURES / Linux on Fujitsu section for some more details on the long way there.
I further continued working on my web design. Pretty happy with the design but still technical issues to be solved ...
IE does not show the expected results as is Netscape. :( Can only recommend Netscape. Might need to do lots of redo work.
On content side it is getting better though. The space is filling with information, hopefully useful. ;)

I had trouble with my network connection. After many testing and investigation, I figured out that it was the DSL modem that caused the problem. My network operator still believes it is the line itself that is the trouble maker. However, after replacing the DSL modem including all the wires, it works again.
I'm finally online again. :)

My IP address was not properly updated. Will need to dig into ez-ipupdate.
While doing so, I couldn't log out any more, thus had to restart the server.
Hmm... that's not so nice!

May 2004

Set up CVS for my web page design project.
My new design is taking shape, the menu gif is ready.
Unfortunately, html is not so co-operative. :(
It will take some more time to bring the new design online.
However, sneaking is possible on

The heat seems to cause some problems. ;)
Had to reboot the server after I only got I/O errors when attempting to log in.

Some noisy remarks encourage me to re-design my web page.
So check by again soon to see my new design.
You might want to check also Hajo's new Homepage to enjoy the nice orange color of the menu and links.
Who might have inspired him to add this nice colorful spots to his new page design?

Unfortunately it was not so stable. :(
I had to reboot today!
Will have to investigate a little further how this could happen ...
I've also done some fixes on the IP update.

April 2004

I have my apache web-server finally up and running.
It is somehow stable.

March 2004

Finally I got my own domain. ;)
Now I have a few more tasks to get done ...

  • Installing Linux (SuSE or Fedora, a hard decision?)
  • Setting up the www connection (thanks a lot I have flatrate)
  • Setting the DNS and DHCP correctly
  • Setting up the Apache web server
  • Setting up the mail-server
  • ...