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About us

I’m Thomas Markfelder, a German Electrical Engineer (Dipl.-Ing. Univ.), living in Hong Kong for the last 16+ years.
My experience grew from starting as a project manager for a German semiconductor company to help build a local support centre for Asian mobile phone makers using our mobile phone development platforms.
The role expanded to Director of Program Management over the years with some broadening excursions into Global Platform Product Marketing, Ecosystem management and also Business Development.
With the acquisition of our division by a big US semiconductor company the focus area expanded from mobile phones towards enabling communications for PCs, Tablet Computers and also IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

C-one™ logo evolution.

Today, I build on the experience gained from working with various customers, Tier 1 mobile phone makers, design houses and PC makers, in Korea, SE-Asia, China, USA and Japan and also apply my intercultural EQ that I was fortunate to hone with my cross-cultural and cross-functional team of project managers and experts in various disciplines.

JTLK Limited is incorporated in Hong Kong.
With my experience and C-one™, I aim to enable JTLK own product designs in the wearable market.