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C-one™, the new always-with-you and easy-to-charge wireless headset.

  •   German design.
  • Two comfortable earbuds for stereo music enjoyment.
  • Earbuds snap magnetically into place in the Charge & Carry Case and stay there safely.
  • Innovative 2-in-1-charging™*: simply connect your charger to C-one™ while C-one™ stays attached to your device to charge both, C-one™ and your phone at the same time.
  • Travel light – no need to carry yet another charger and cable.
  • C-one™ supports 2-way-charging™**, meaning your device will charge C-one™ and make sure you’ve enough charge on your headset for that important call.
  • Attach C-one™ to your mobile device via the Micro-USB connector and never wonder where you (mis-)placed your headset anymore – you have it with you wherever you bring your phone.

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