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Use C-one™ with iDevice

For our friends and supporters using iDevices, our Flex Edition of C-one™ includes an adaptor to connect the C-one™ Micro-USB connector to your lightning charging port.
The 2-in-1-charging™ feature is tested and working, so you can charge C-one™ and your iPhone at the same time with only one charger.
Please note, the charging input on C-one™ requires a Micro-USB connector. A fitting cable is provided with C-one™.
Due to most iDevices not providing OTG functionality, the 2-way-charging™ feature does not work with iDevices and C-one™ does not get charged from your iDevice.
Of course, you can always carry and use C-one™ also stand-alone without attaching it to your device. The provided Micro-USB cover will help to protect from scratches and also keeps C-one™ safe.

C-one™ with adaptor connected to iPhone 5s.
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