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C-one™ is giving you back

time, the most valuable good in our hectic lifes, for example and
ease of mind with the convenience and ease of use to make your life a little easier.

  • Enjoy listening to your favourite tunes instead of spending time to untangle the wires of your headset.
  • Travel a little lighter as you don’t need to bring yet another charger or cable for your headset – that’s good for you and the environment (we take it one step at a time).
  • Relax and know you have your headset with you instead of getting distracted and heated searching for your earbuds just to find out you’ve left them safe and sound sitting on you desk while you’re out and about.
  • Be confident and place your earbuds back into the case right at your phone easily and avoid the embarrassed moments of taking out your earbuds when meeting someone you’d like to talk with in person and shake hands while not knowing where to quickly put the earbuds … not to mention the time needed to re-discover where you then actually did place them.
  • Easily pick up a phone call by taking the C-one™ earbud out from the charging case. There’s no need to press the power-on button or wait for the pairing procedure. You only do Bluetooth® pairing once with you device and C-one™ will remember it when waking up from the charging mode and re-establish the connection with your device automatically and quickly. It’s like picking up the telephone receiver on a traditional desk phone.
  • Declutter your desk – one less cable as you charge C-one™ together with your phone.
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